The Simpsons

To Fox: Please don't shut me down, they are all yours, I make no money off this site at all, just a poor college student who took a few screen shots.

Summary for those who missed it: Basically Bart is hyper active and more troublesome than usual (forget the name of whats wrong with him) and they put him on some new drug which he gets addicted to. It makes him straighten up, like to study, enjoy school, etc. It also makes him paranoid and able to detect that a satalite (from MLB Marketing) is spying on everyone. So he flips out, steals a tank, drives around Springfield running over a lot of stuff, and then eventually fires into the sky and shoots down the satalite. So, just as they are finding out that they are being spied on Mark McGwire comes down in a helecopter to distract them. He asks if they want the truth or if they want to see him hit a few dingers. They choose dingers so he hits a home run for them and while they are all "Oohhhing" he steals the data sheet they were reading from the satalite. Then at the end they show Bart with an autographed McGwire bat and it has camera in it collecting more data. I think that's it. Was a good episode, if it sounds bad, it's probably just my wording :)