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Year by Year Guide

Below is a Year-by-Year look at McGwire's Signature.

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1982 Autograph Example
An Anchorage Alaska Glacier Pilots team ball!

1984 Autograph Example
An Olympic Team signed ball.
This ball was actually signed in '84.
Most of the ones for sale were signed
in '89 at a 5 year reunion show.

1986 Autograph Example

1987 Autograph Example
**Notice the g, that is the key to dating
Mac signatures. In '87 it was longer and flatter**

1988 Autograph Example
**Now the g has gotten fairly oval**

1989 Autograph Example
**Notice the g starts to change.
The downstroke is now straight**

1990 Autograph Example

1994 Autograph Example

1995 Autograph Example

1996 Autograph Example

1997 Autograph Example

1998 Autograph Example

1997 - 2001 Autograph Examples
This scan shows the progression of Macs signature from the time he got to St Louis until now. The "STL25" subscription was used from his arroval in '97 until approximately August of '98. At that time Mac was in the heat of the homerun race and began adding "98" after his signature. as soon as the season ended and he had set the new record at 70 home runs he began adding "70" after his name. More importantly at this time he stopped signing the sweet spot on the baseballs. He continued on using "70" right through the '99 season. Then as the 2000 calendar year began Mac started putting "2000" after his name. He again maintained this habit through the calendar year. Starting this year he of course progressed to where we are now with an "01"

Current 3 Signature Types
Here are the three basic variations on Marks signature. the first frame shows his typical "ballpark" signature. This is what most people you see at the ballpark getting his autograph receive. The second is the "3/4" signature. I have seen these occaisionally at the ballpark, and alot at this years Winter Warm Up. Kind of an in between signature, not quite a full but better than the ballpark. The final example is the "full" signature. This is very elusive. Mostly given to friends, insiders and very luck fans.

Think you know his signature now? Click Here to take an autograph quiz...see if you can spot the fakes!

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